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Local Scooter Lessons
Local Scooter Lessons
Local Scooter Lessons
Local Scooter Lessons
Local Scooter Lessons
Local Scooter Lessons
Local Scooter Lessons
Local Scooter Lessons
Local Scooter Lessons
Local Scooter Lessons
Local Scooter Lessons
Local Scooter Lessons

Local Scooter Lessons

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Are you ready to shred!!!!!

Coached by Chase Rost, with over 14+ years of scootering experience. Chase has become one of the top Scooter coaches with a diverse experience in breaking down complicated tricks and techniques into small, easy to learn chunks. 
These lessons help new riders build up the core fundamentals they need to learn in order to progress. Chase provides the confidence and structure needed to excel at scootering.
These lessons are also perfect for more advanced riders looking for extra tips and tricks to accelerate their progression and work their way towards one day becoming a Pro rider.



Park list for local scooter lessons:

Oak Creek South Park (Centerville)

Mikes Bikes Park (Downtown Dayton)

Miamisburg Skatepark

Monita Field Skatepark (Huber heights)

Deer Meadow Park (Moraine)

Grange Hall Skatepark (Beavercreek)

Dc Plaza (Kettering)


Skateparks outside of The Dayton area that chase has commonly coached at include:

Joyce (Hamilton), Bakerbowl (Middle town), Yellow Springs, Delhi, Beach acers (cinci), and more.

Please email Chase at Raptureproscooters@gmail.com to work out a proper price for your specific location and park.


 What will you need? 

1. Your scooter....... C'mon this is a scooter lessons, you gotta have your scoot.

2. Helmet....... I don't think this needs any explanation.

3. Your "A" Game! This is a progression session. We are about to knock out some key techniques right now!


How It Works:

All you have to do is pick out your desired number of riders, length, and amount of lessons and then add them to your cart to check out. (P.s. this has made for some super cool B-day gifts.)

Then Chase will be reaching out to you Via Email or Phone to set up a date, time, and location to schedule our lesson. (Please note: lessons outside of the Dayton area will encounter extra fee's for time/gas. If you have any questions at all please reach out @ Raptureproscooters@gmail.com) 

Once scheduled, on the day of our lesson, Chase will be helping you with as many scooter question as you can fire. Aswell he'll be giving you super helpful tips and tricks that he has learned from over the years that will help you knock out new tricks faster and easier.

A typical lesson range's between 2-3 hrs once a week for about 3-5 weeks. Chase personally recommends a 2 hour lesson at least 5 times.  This seems to be the golden spot for riders to excel (of course the more coaching sessions the more progression.)

Aswell we provide Bulked and party lessons for those of you who have scooter friends that what to get in on the action and help lower the cost for every one. 



Lesson structure:

you will start out talking, so Chase can get to know you as a rider and how you shred.(for reoccurring lessons this time is occupied with recapping the progression from previous week talking about what worked and what you’re still stumped on.)

Then you’ll dive dive into warm ups/stretches/core fundamental moments. 

After that you get into what tricks you are currently working on. You'll learn helpful tips and techniques for each trick

Depending on length of lesson, we will explore other avenues that interest you, such as: "how to prepare for comps, how to stay motivated, how to prevent injury, how to get sponsored, how to manage social media. how to work on your scooter and so much more." If you have a question Chase probably has any answer for it after over 14 years of riding. 




In person lessons not your style? Check out my virtual lesson option: Virtual Lessons

Ok ok we get it, balling on a budget more your style?

Then WHO LIKES FREE? We highly recommend checking out Chase's "How To" playlist on his youtube channel. As this playlist has accrued over 1 million views, helping hundreds of thousands of riders learn how to scooter better. This playlist also is a great complement to physical scooter lesson as it helps you train at home before, during, and after lessons: How To Playlist

P.s. We still strongly encourage In person lessons as they provide a more direct impact on a riders progression as Chase can critique and better help a rider step by step.



See you at the skatepark!