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Customer Experience

Rapture decks are sick

Nick G.

Love what your brand stands for. #RideRapture

Sean W.

That scooter looks amazing I can't wait for the deck to come out. I am hoping to visit ohio sometime in August.

Maverick Pitman

Your designs are always the best of everything😍 🙌 


Cant get over how nice those bars are and the deck might have to cop both

Alex Polifrone

bars look fire

oof Jaden

Dang rapture against Aztec *worlds lightest fork

VX King

Got the rapture clamps and wheels in the mail today. My son is breaking them in now

Jim C.

The rapture decks are looking so nice!😍

Ewan Larkin

Meet The Team

It's awesome that you are here with us right now

We wanted to introduce you to some of our team members

Chase Rost Rapture Pro Scooters Owner

Meet Chase

Meet Chan

Meet Kaydin (Team Rider)

Meet Mick (Team Rider)

Meet Bryden (Team Rider)

Meet Zach (Team Rider)

Meet Jacob (Team Rider)