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The Irish Green Swirl Grips

The Irish Green Swirl Grips

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Grips are one of the most important parts on your scooter that are often over looked.

Picture this....... You have a beautiful, fresh, clean, perfect whipping, balanced Rapture scooter. But...... something doesn't feel right. Maybe your hands have blisters after riding for hours?????
Thats because your rides missing that super soft comfy feeling that we've all come to love. Well rest a at ease because we have cracked the code.

Introducing our new Rapture Alien Grips.

Length: 160mm (6.2 inches)
Color: Green & Black swirl
Compound: TPR (Super Soft)
Bar ends: Included

We have tested multiple different compounds to find just the right grip that is super soft, super durable, and super good lookin! There's no good way to let you feel how super soft our grips are through a screen, so you'll just have to trust us. Or...... take a peek at the last photo to enjoy some soft goodness.

P.s Ever worried about throttle grip? Were happy to tell you that our grips inside diameter has been designed to fit on your bars as snug as possible to prevent throttle grip.
Throttle grip definition: When your grip can go vrumm vrumm like a motorcycle. (aka not good)


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