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Rapture Balanced Clamp
Rapture Balanced Clamp
Rapture Balanced Clamp
Rapture Balanced Clamp
Rapture Balanced Clamp

Rapture Balanced Clamp

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We heard you! We answered.....

New, Improved, Lighter, Sleeker, and most importantly Balanced!

Don't get us Wrong, our V1 Trips clamp is a rocking strong clamp. But we quickly realized you all want a super strong clamp thats super lightweight.

We couldn't agree more..... Introducing The "Rapture Balanced Clamp". precision blend of weight reduction and strategically placed strength. 


  • Height: 1.85" or 47mm (Perfect hight for the perfect slit coverage)
  • Bar compatibility: OVERSIZED and STANDARD  (Shim needed for standard bars) Shim included
  • HIC and IHC compatible
  • Material: Aluminum/Steel bolt 
  • Color: OG Black
  • Bolt Size: 6mm
  • Weight: .19 Lbs or 3oz

Perfect strong clamp, supplying all the clamping pressure for your needs.


Ever cracked a pair of bars at your slit? ATTENTION: Clamps are often over looked and chosen purely for how light they are. We want to help bring attention to this major issue. The best way to prevent premature cracking around your slit is to ride a clamp that is taller than your slit. You should not be able to see your slit at all with your clamp over your slit. At rapture we believe you should never skip out on a pinch of weight reduction if it will case failure to your other parts.

Recommended Slit size for this clamp: 1.5-1.8" (if slits is made higher than your clamp, we highly recommend you move the top of your clamp at least 1mm above slit.)