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Rapture Red - Rapture Deck
Rapture Red - Rapture Deck
Rapture Red - Rapture Deck
Rapture Red - Rapture Deck
Rapture Red - Rapture Deck

Rapture Red - Rapture Deck

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Everyone needs some color in their life!

Introducing the NEW Limited Edition splatter paint Rapture Deck. These will not last long and are very limited. Get your hands on one before they run out.

Base: Rapture Spyder Deck

We had one goal in mind...

Innovate a deck that was lightweight, strong and affordable.  

The neck has been specially designed to sit as close as physically possible to the front wheels to maximize foot space and to keep you as centered on your front wheel.

After tons of testing our riders have decided that you have more control the closer you can get to your front wheel.

Why triangles in the head-tube?

-Simple, triangles are the strongest shape. So weight is reduced from the neck with out sacrificing strength. 

Our head-tubes also have a 2" circle cutout to reduce weight. This is also a perfect spot to display one of our Rapture Stickers

Our decks have a perfect weight balance from head-tube to brake. This will help make whips, Bris, Buttercups, and many more tricks, come around smoother and quicker.


Deck Specifics:

Length: 19.5" Or 20.5"

Width: 4.725"

Foot space: 14.25" (19.5 model) 15.25 (20.5 model)

Headtube angle: 83°

Headtube length: 4.25"

Weight: 2.8lbs - (Deck weight alone, brake and axle not calculated in weight)

Color: Anodized Black w/ Rapture Red Splatter Paint


What is that Clear grip tape option?

We found a way to make our parts ever more customizable! 
You can either have our new clear grip professionally pre installed, Or…… you can take it to the next level and slap on as many stickers and decals as your hearts desires, and then toss on our clear griptape how ever you’d like


• • •


Deck Optimization?

The Rapture deck is one heck of a beast, especially coming in at 2.8 lbs

Could it get any better?

Simply, Yes...

We offer 2 different options to optimize your new deck:

-Precision Deck Speed Holes

-Custom Deck Size

Now with our Deck Optimization Package, your deck will be unstoppable.

We are talking about a huge increase in agility without sacrificing structure.

Deck Optimizations Here:

Deck Optimization