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Rapture Yang 2.0 Titanium Bars
Rapture Yang 2.0 Titanium Bars
Rapture Yang 2.0 Titanium Bars
Rapture Yang 2.0 Titanium Bars
Rapture Yang 2.0 Titanium Bars
Rapture Yang 2.0 Titanium Bars

Rapture Yang 2.0 Titanium Bars

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The Rapture Titanium "Yang 2.0" Bars 


Size: 24” Wide x 28” Tall 

Weight: 1.7lbs (Thats right, even at 28" tall)

Oversized: (for SCS or HIC) can be used with IHC if you use a IHC to HIC conversion shim. 

Material: Grade 9 titanium

Top Tube Thickness: 2.0mm


We just took our v1 Yang bars to the next Level!
Let’s take a close look at what’s different. The gussets!!!! By curving the gussets he have maximized hand room and doubled the strength. It’s simple, by adding curves to our gussets we are now able to distribute the weight of your impacts through the entire handle bars instead of just at the weld points. By making this dramatic change we have completely optimized and strengthened our bars more than u can even imagine!

- These are the bars that are currently on the New 2.0 Rapture Complete


We offer custom sizing to make sure our bars are able to fit every riders size. If you need your bars cut to a specific size, simply click (Yes Cut Needed) for length and or width and then at checkout put your desired length and or width in the notes.


Our Titanium bars have been designed by our riders "hence" #riderowned

We have put a ton of effort and testing in these bars to prepare them for all the crazy tricks you can toss on them. Pick up a set of our new Rapture Titanium Y bars before they sell out.



Disclaimer: Slits in titanium bars weaken the structure. The best way to prevent premature cracking around your slit is to ride a clamp that is taller than your slit. You should not be able to see your slit at all with your clamp over your slit. Also your slit should be cut on the side of your bars as apposed to the back middle. This will help to prevent pinch stress cracks and will help to apply an even pressure and offer the much needed support below and above your slit for optimal longevity.

Take a look at our new Rapture clamps that we specifically created to go along with your Titanium bars. Our clamps offer the needed height and support that your titanium bars need. 

Check out our Clamps