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Rapture Custom Scooter Build #1

Rapture Custom Scooter Build #1

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Custom scooter build #1

Chase Rost put together an awesome custom scooter build on his channel. We have decided that we are going to put the custom scooter builds available on our site so you guys can get the exact same scooter from his video.

Chase's Custom scooter build video: Click Here

Starting off Build #1 specs:

The Rapture Complete Line Up:

Titanium T-Bars: 1.6lbs (24"Wx28"L)
Red splatter Deck: 2.8lbs (19.5"/20.5")
Red Splatter Wheels (set): 0.95lbs (110mm)
Balanced Forks: 0.49lbs
Balanced Triple Clamp: 0.26lbs
Super soft Freedom Grips: .1lbs
Intergraded headset: 0.13lbs
OG Grip: 0.07lbs
M8  Bolt HIC Kit: 0.1lbs

Coming in at only 7.3 lbs this is one of the lightest completes on the market to date. I know right, we must be breaking the rules, But we assure you we aren't. Your reading this right, Our Rapture complete features all of our best riding parts that you've come to love.

WANT IT EVEN LIGHTER???? We got you! Simply add Deck Optimization to your cart and we'll make your complete even lighter so you can squeeze that extra whip in your gnarly combo.