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Chase Rost Signature Wheels (Set)
Chase Rost Signature Wheels (Set)
Chase Rost Signature Wheels (Set)
Chase Rost Signature Wheels (Set)
Chase Rost Signature Wheels (Set)
Chase Rost Signature Wheels (Set)

Chase Rost Signature Wheels (Set)

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The Chase Signature Wheels - 110mm Hollow Core Wheels

Help Support our owner, by rocking a pair of his signature wheels. Chase has been working hard for years to grow scootering to others. We wanted to take the opportunity to allow others to help support Chase Rost and show some love.

These are a very limited edited signature wheel set that as of right now only have 50 pairs made. So act fast and help support Chase as he continues to help Rapture grow. 

Besides who doesn't like a smooth riding scooter? Might as well refresh your ride with a set of new Rapture wheels.

Our wheels are lightweight, super grippy, and incredible at adsorbing impacts. 

Your wheels are the foundation to your ride.

The better your foundation; the more tricks you will learn and land.

It's physics friends...


Wheel Specifics:

  • Size: 110mm*24mm
  • PU: 88A
  • PU Color: Black
  • Core: Chase Rost Sig
  • Core: CNC Aluminum Hollow Core
  • Bearings: ABEC 9
  • Weight: 220 grams with bearings installed
  • Includes (2) Wheels


• • •



The Greatest Side-Kick to Your Rapture Wheels:


We know quality wheels are key to the foundation of your ride, but you still need a strong deck to keep that foundation is place.

Introducing the ergonomic Rapture Deck...

This structurally sound deck can do just about anything...

The only thing this deck can't do, is fly...

By itself that is...

That's why they need each other.

Once your Rapture Wheels team up with your new Rapture Deck...

Your ride will be so smooth, you will practically feel like you're flying.


(Disclaimer: All wheels, including Rapture Pro Scooter wheels, need to be broken/worn in before attempting hard slamming impacts. The reason that 90% of wheels break in such a short amount of time is due to not properly wearing in your wheels. )